9 Passions that are Due for a Comeback

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Tastes change over time, but if you're a certain age, you no doubt remember being a passionate fan of these fashions, items, and activities in your younger days. We think you'll agree that they're all long overdue for a comeback.

1. Slap Bracelets 

The forgotten accessory passion of the early '90s is well overdue for a comeback, even though many schools initially banned the bracelets for being potentially dangerous once they lost their cloth covers. One of the perks of adulthood is that you can't get sent to the principal's office, so let's revive this springy, metallic glamor.

2. Playing Cards In Bicycle Spokes

How has this one not roared back to cultural relevance yet? All the noise of a motorcycle combined with all the work of a bike! As anyone who slipped an ace of spades between their spokes knows, it's instant credibility on your block.

3. Red Rover

In an age of adult dodgeball and kickball leagues, how has Red Rover not made a comeback? Probably because it was super dangerous. But an uptick in Red Rover games would revive another trend: Signing your friends' casts.

4. Claymation

Sure, today's movies and shows are full of lush HD and three-dimensional effects, but where's the clay? Pick any of the top-grossing superhero movies of the last few years and try to honestly tell yourself that it wouldn't be better as claymation. You can't.

5. Clear Sodas

Were color-free colas a poorly planned whiff by big beverage companies ... or a brilliant idea that was before its time? There's only one way to find out. Bring them back!

6. Striped Tube Socks

Anyone can pull on a pair of plain white tube socks. It takes a special sort of sophistication to slip into a pair of hosiery adorned with a set of understated stripes. Sock makers of the world: bring back the color!

7. Novelty Sneakers

How can today's young people expect to perform well in sports? They can't even inflate their sneakers or count on them to light up with each passing step!

8. Monkey Bars

Modern gyms let you tone your body with elliptical machines, yoga, spinning, and all sorts of complicated equipment. But nothing can match the upper body workout you got from a long journey across the monkey bars.

9. Grunge

Flannel-clad, arbitrarily gloomy rock music that offers few opportunities for dancing? Bring back the heavily distorted guitars and threadbare jeans! And if you need an excuse to wear grunge's flannel, remember that it's really stood the test of time - similar fabrics date all the way back to 16th century Wales.

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