11 Fan Art Tributes to Teddy Roosevelt

DeviantArt user Sn00glez
DeviantArt user Sn00glez / DeviantArt user Sn00glez

If you couldn’t tell from our numerous articles about him and our adorable “I love my Teddy” baby jumper, we're big fans of America’s 26th president. And we aren’t alone. In fact, there are hundreds of artists out there with their own tributes to Mr. Roosevelt. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. The Battle of the Century

Easily the most famous of all Theodore Roosevelt fan art, Jason ODIN Heuser’s take on the Rough Rider shows him taking on Bigfoot with a machine gun as he holds the American flag. You’ve never actually seen Bigfoot, have you? Well then, this might just be why.

If you enjoy seeing American historical figures taking on absurd villains, you ought to check out more of Heuser’s work, which includes Nixon fighting a saber tooth, Jackson vs. aliens, and Jefferson fighting a gorilla.

2. A Real Rough Rider

You hardly have to worry about carrying a big stick when you’re already riding a raptor. DeviantArt user cat-gray-and-me78 is probably right in his belief that if raptors were around while Theodore was alive, he would have found a way to domesticate them.

3. Master of the Teddy Bears

You already knew that the teddy bear was named after Roosevelt, who once refused to shoot a bear that was cornered and tied to a tree because it was unsportsmanlike, but you might not know that he had no such qualms about wrestling a whole gang of toy bears. OK, maybe I just made that story up after seeing this artwork by Andres Felipe Jaramillo, but it could happen.

4. Unbearably Manly

While it’s true that Roosevelt thought it unsportsmanlike to shoot a bear that was already tied up, he was certainly big on hunting, and was happy to go up against bears that hadn’t been worn down yet. Even so, I think DeviantArt user Asahi-Kami’s depiction of him fighting a live bear beside a campfire might be a little exaggerated –Theodore would at least arm himself with a big stick.

5. The Bear Necessities

There are quite a few cute fan art designs imagining Roosevelt as an adorable teddy bear, but this clay figurine by DeviantArt user The Muzick Girl really captures his fabulous mustache, lovable facial expression, and fantastic sense of style.

6. Animated and Adorable

For those who prefer to see the 26th president in his human form while modeled in clay, DeviantArt user beeliu’s is an adorably cartoonish take on the Rough Rider. Her creation was sculpted as a reference model for a school project that involved creating a PSA for the National Wildlife Refuge. With a model as great as this one, I’m willing to bet the animation was great.

7. Radical Roosevelt

The idea of Theodore Roosevelt riding a skateboard might seem silly to many of us, but when you consider that he was a huge fan of early American football (at a time when 18 people died playing the sport in just one season), it’s obvious that he supported extreme sports. So maybe, just maybe, he would be a supporter of skateboarding as well, and thanks to Isaiah Bela, we now know he would look pretty cool doing it too.

8. It’s Good to Be the King

Overall, Americans would have a hard time accepting a monarchy, but given how beloved Theodore was during his time in office, it’s possible they might have supported King Roosevelt—especially if he carried around a teddy bear with him to remind people of his sensitive side like he is doing in this portrait by Jaimie Choi.

9. Teddy Night

There is a Doctor Who episode where TARDIS was painted into Van Gogh’s Starry Night, but we all know The Doctor is an imaginary character. Roosevelt, on the other hand, is very real. And if someone builds a time machine and takes Roosevelt to meet Van Gogh, this revised version of Starry Night could one day hang in the most prestigious museums in the world. In the meantime, we’ll just have to admire DeviantArt user Sn00glez’s take on the concept.

10. Spuddy Roosevelt

Some people will pay thousands of dollars for a grilled cheese that has a blurred image of the Virgin Mary, but to me, this Teddy Roosevelt potato by Phillip Obermarck is far more valuable—if only for those stylish rimmed glasses.

11. Can’t Smash This

It’s hard to think of a more all-American jack-o-lantern than this one, carved by pumpkin artist Alex Kish. And while it might be a little hard to recognize with the lights on, the glowing face of Roosevelt is sure to ward off any potential pumpkin smashers on Halloween.