Pop Chart Lab's Newest Poster Breaks Down Big League Ballparks Throughout History

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Baseball buffs: How well do you know your Major League Baseball stadiums? Expand your command of the subject with Pop Chart Lab's latest poster, which illustrates and breaks down stats on 49 ballparks from 1876 to present.

Each stadium is annotated with location, seating capacity, date of first pitch, and date of last pitch (if applicable). At the bottom, you'll find a timeline that tracks the home stadiums of all your favorite teams, from Fenway Park to Yankee Stadium. Marvel at San Francisco's now-defunct Candlestick Park, which dwarfed its peers at the time with a capacity of 63,000. It shuttered after September 30, 1999, when the Giants moved to AT&T Park, which seats 41,915. The poster, which measures 24 by 36 inches and is priced starting at $37, is now available for preorder and starts shipping on April 6. Hang it proudly in the den next to the flat screen with all your other sports memorabilia and study up during commercials.

This isn't Pop Chart Lab's only poster on America's Pastime; there's this chart, which illustrates the taxonomy of nearly 600 team names (there are a lot of teams named after animals), and this visual compendium of all those crisp uniforms.

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Preview the Ballparks artwork below:

Courtesy of Pop Chart Lab