Love Living Deliberately? Bid on This Replica of Thoreau's Walden Pond Cabin

National Portrait Gallery, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain
National Portrait Gallery, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain / National Portrait Gallery, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

Fans of Walden have the rare chance to live like its author. A replica cabin, mimicking the one Henry David Thoreau lived in at Walden Pond for two years beginning in 1845, is going up for auction, according to Wicked Local Concord.

Built for the Thoreau Bicentennial in 2017 by a Henry David-obsessed company called Thorough Homes that makes Walden-inspired cabins, the petite house is situated on Thoreau Farm, the writer’s birthplace. The 10-foot-by-15-foot cabin is beyond cozy, with room for a bed, a desk, and not much else. The modern replica was built with a slightly larger door and no chimney or fireplace so it could be accessible for those with disabilities, but otherwise, it’s much like the original, and was built using some of the same techniques. It features cedar shingle siding, a rough-sawn cedar ceiling, reclaimed floors made of heart pine wood, and reclaimed windows.

Thoreau Farm has a two-year lease on the cabin from Thorough Homes (for a mere $1), but the organization is looking to move it early because of limits on how many structures the farm is allowed to have on the property at once. The auction is a fundraiser, and 40 percent of the sale proceeds will go to the Thoreau Farm Trust.

Should you take it upon yourself to buy the cabin, though, know that before you can use it to live deliberately, you'll have to move it deliberately. And somewhat quickly. “The winning bidder will be responsible for moving the cabin before November 1, 2018 and be responsible for the costs associated with moving the cabin,” the auction site specifies. Luckily, it’s made to slide right off its foundation onto a flatbed truck.

The estimated value of the cabin is $30,000. Interested? Bid here.

[h/t Wicked Local Concord]