Glacier National Park Cameras Capture a Black Bear Waking Up From Hibernation

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Spring has finally arrived in Glacier National Park, and at least one black bear is taking its sweet time adjusting to the change. According to AP, the groggy bear has spent the past week waking up from its long winter nap, and the whole process has been captured by the Montana park's webcam.

The bear was first spotted stirring in its cottonwood tree den on March 23. Since then it has appeared on the video feed most evenings, and has even ventured away from its den to explore the surrounding branches. But so far, it always ends up settling back into the cozy hollow of the tree.

The bear's slow adjustment to a warm-weather routine is nothing unusual. After hibernating for six to seven months, black bears can spend weeks in a transitional state called walking hibernation. During this period, the animals spend a lot of time sleeping and keep movement to a minimum as they bring their metabolism back up to speed. When they eat, they stick to light snacks such as pussy willows and snow fleas.

Thanks to an especially snowy winter in Glacier National Park, bears have been even more reluctant to leave their dens this year. It may still be a few weeks before this particular bear leaves its own seasonal home behind, but when it does, it will be captured on the park's webcam.

[h/t AP]