17 Really Strange Pinterest Boards

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If you’ve used the internet in the last year or so, you’ve heard of Pinterest. But you may not be on it (especially if you’re male). You may not even understand what it is, besides having a vague idea of some estrogen-soaked chunk of the internet where women hoard links to wedding dresses and kittens wearing hats.

But we've discovered that Pinterest is more than an infinite scroll of your typical women's magazine. It’s a place where each individual user gets to build their own private museum, with a room (board) dedicated to any subject that pleases them. However esoteric or weird your passion is, you can find someone who appreciates it on Pinterest.

Here are a few examples that go beyond the average hair tutorials and wedding photography. (To further enrich your journey through the quirky, nerdy and peculiar, follow mental_floss’s very own Pinterest here).


1. Fat Girls of the Pleistocene and Holocene


Not just sculpture. Not just naked women. Not just archeology, anthropology, and geography. Not just fat girls. All of them together! Now that is an amazing niche. Curated by Grecia Bate.

2. Taxidermy 


But not the kind you’re thinking of. No stuffed moose heads on walls here. Think more "squirrel in a cowboy hat riding a rattlesnake." Some are NSFW. Curated by Jenn Oliver-Lee-Moore.

3. Netsuke 


Here you’ll find a large collection of tiny, button-like carvings once used in Japan to fasten kimonos. Especially enjoyable if you’re into concerned-looking monkeys, which, let’s face it, most of our readers are. Curated by Robert Weprin.

4. Alternative Disney 


Toy Story mashup with The Shining? Got it. Endless variations of the Princesses in lingerie and goth costumes? Yep. What would Scrooge McDuck look like if he were a person? You’ll find all that and more here. Curated by Karl Whitmore.


5. Blue Candy 


Over 100 pictures of blue candy. Just blue candy. I can’t be the only one that thinks that is wonderful. Curated by Candy Galaxy.

6. Food Disguised as Other Food 


You’ve fallen down the rabbit hole! Nothing is what it seems! Ice cream is really mashed potatoes, and hamburgers are really cupcakes! Actually most everything is a cupcake. Cupcakes are so awesome. Curated by Elena at `a casarella.

7. Edible Insects


If you’ll eat shrimp but not grubs, you’re just a food bigot. Curated by Eugene Rushing.


8. Drag Queens 


Being a drag queen isn’t about trying to pass for a woman. It’s a legitimate performance art, celebrating the beauty of opulence and excess. This board revels in it. Curated by Whitezombie Toronto.

9. The Goblin King


Love David Bowie as The Goblin King? Do you 225-different-PINS-of-David-Bowie-as-The-Goblin-King love him? No? Amateur. Go look at this board and come back when you’re ready to do The Magic Dance with the big girls. Curated by Sammy Freddie Deacon.

10. Ugly Babies


Refreshingly, not all Pinterest boards are devoted to baby worship. Curated by Paula Costa.

A Little Scary

11. Antique Medical Equipment 


All the scarificators, blood fleams, and bone chisels you will ever need to see. Will make you want to kiss your pharmacist full on the mouth next time you see him. Curated by Brenda Ison.

12. Scary Cigarette Ads 


You may not know it, due to the lack of advertising today, but cigarettes are the most amazing product. They ease throat and lung irritation, make you a better mother, reaffirm your feminism, and make naked scuba girls want to be with you. All that lost knowledge is available on this board. Curated by Charlotte Udell.

13. Hidden Rooms and Spaces


Basically, if you haven’t built a secret door to Narnia in your broom closet, you don’t deserve to own a home. Curated by Magda Duhon.

Just Pretty Awesome

14. Tree Houses


My real estate agent never even mentioned that these were an option. Curated by James Stephenson.

15. Pranks


Play nice, kiddos. Curated by Sydney Fink.

16. Sumo 


An example of a board that can show you that some things are way cooler than you ever realized. Curated by Roger Yorke.

17. Treasure Hoards 


That stuff you thought you were gonna find when you got that metal detector for your 12th birthday? Other people have actually found it. Curated by Deborah Lynch.