11 Weird Artistic Tributes to Mr. Spock

Cinque Collective
Cinque Collective / Cinque Collective

Live long and prosper, and check out these delightfully weird tributes to Leonard Nimoy's best known character, Mister Spock.

1. Elvis Has Left the Building

DeviantArt user Billy Tackett

Luckily, the Enterprise's first officer is still dancing to the Jailhouse Spock.

2. Art Deco

DeviantArt user lymanalpha

Another “Piece of the Action.” This Spock appears to be inspired not by Nimoy, but by Zachary Quinto, who plays the character in the newest Star Trek films.

3. Pixar Star Trek

The Mary Sue

In this piece by Phil Postma, Spock and his pet Tribble will both learn a valuable lesson about friendship before this mission is over.

4. Leonard Nimoy

DeviantArt user Robolus

A kinda creepy caricature of Mr. Spock's alter ego, Leonard Nimoy.

5. Spock Monroe

Cinque Collective

Even done up as Marilyn Monroe in this piece by Mr. Brainwash, Spock still manages to look dignified.

6. Come Hither Gesture Nude Spock Charcoal Pencil Drawing


Spock as you've never seen him before.

7. Spock Candle


As far as graven images and false idols go, you could do worse.

8. Half-Vulcan, Half-Horse

DeviantArt user Karracaz

What happens on Centauri stays on Centauri.

9. Spock Paper Doll

Media Cache

Science Officer Spock, Away Team Spock, and Spock After Dark.

10. Spock as Pope

Worth 1000

His Holiness, Pope Spock I. Still not as popular as Pope Francis.

11. Emo Spock by Scott Scheidly


People think Vulcans renounced emotions to avoid being savage brutes. The truth is, it was to avoid this.