Heineken’s Carol Karaoke Gets Singers Out of Their Comfort Zone


Holiday carols certainly get us into the spirit of the season, but what if you got the chance to spread that good cheer to thousands? First you're singing with a couple friends, the next thing you know your caroling is revealed, live, to thousands of strangers. What would you do?

Heineken gave a few lucky strangers the chance to brave the crowd and carry on (my wayward son) to the tune of classic holiday carols in their new #CarolKaraoke video. They invited them out for karaoke, then told them just before taking the stage that their performance would be broadcast to thousands--including a Jumbotron at an NBA game, on the TV of every NYC taxi for a week and on a famed Times Square billboard.
A recent survey from Heineken revealed which songs Americans love to sing, and which song lyrics they're fudging big time. The favorite holiday tune is "Jingle Bell Rock" (31%), followed by "Winter Wonderland" (20%). For those who want to flex their vocal cords, a little Mariah Carey will go a long way – the third most favorite song to sing is “All I Want for Christmas is You” (13%). Subsequently, 56% think karaoke in front of friends and family is less embarrassing than in front of strangers. After watching these guys belt out their favorites to thousands of total strangers, what do you think? Would you or wouldn't you carol for the masses? 

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