Toast Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at D.C.’s Royal Wedding Pop-Up Bar

Karlin Villondo Photography
Karlin Villondo Photography / Karlin Villondo Photography

You don’t need to be a UK citizen to get excited for the upcoming royal wedding. For stateside fans obsessing over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s impending May 19 ceremony, the best place to celebrate will be in Washington, D.C., where the Royal Wedding Pop-Up Bar will be serving up drinks in a space designed to look like the pair’s wedding venue, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

From May 4 to May 20, D.C.'s Pop-Up Bar (PUB) will be decked out to look like Windsor Castle's St. George’s Chapel, complete with family crests and heraldic flags, a careful replica of the historic vaulted ceiling, faux stained-glass windows, and a throne room. On May 19, the bar will open at 7 a.m. to host U.S.-based superfans up early to watch live coverage of the event.

The menu will include beers, ciders, and snacks from the UK, as well as British favorites like Pimm’s Cups. There will also be 11 original themed cocktails, like a drink crafted from rosé cider and edible glitter called the Markle Sparkle, and the God Save the Queen, a martini that comes with a souvenir crown. Another cocktail honoring the groom (and his hair color) includes Scotch, bananas, and ginger.

Karlin Villondo Photography

The Royal Wedding bar is one of several limited-run concept bars the Drink Company has created in its 7th Street space in D.C. Each PUB features obsessively detailed decor and innovative drinks around different themes throughout the year. Most recently, the space has been host to a Japan-themed bar called Cherry Blossom Pop-Up Bar (last year’s paid tribute to, among other things, Super Mario Bros.). Previous incarnations also include a Christmas-themed PUB called Miracle on Seventh Street and a Game of Thrones-themed bar.

This time, designers Matt Fox​ and Adriana Salame-Aspiazu “went down the rabbit hole researching British history and royal traditions, so this may be our most detail-oriented PUB to date,” Fox said in a press statement. “We’d like to think the Queen would approve!”

Some of the previous PUB events have drawn hours-long waits, so if you’re keen on celebrating Meghan and Harry (Heghan, if you will), know that you may have to get in line.

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