How to Delete Your Netflix History So No One Knows What You've Been Binging

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Netflix's viewing history is useful if you're watching a series and just want to go straight to the next episode the minute you log on, but it can be a little awkward if you're sharing your account. You may not want the rest of your family—or Netflix's recommendation engines—to know what you've been up to. But there's a solution that will allow you to binge freely: LifeHacker informs us that you can delete items from your Netflix history.

The process is quite simple. If you need to conceal, say, your deep descent into a full-series binge of Gossip Girl, go to your Viewing Activity on Netflix. If you go to Settings, you'll see it near the bottom of the page under My Profile, or you can go straight to it here.

This is my viewing history and I'm not ashamed.
This is my viewing history and I'm not ashamed. / Screenshot, Netflix

A list of your viewing history will come up, with every show and episode you've watched (or started watching) in chronological order. Click the black X on the right-hand side to remove an episode. If it's a series, you'll have the option to remove the whole series from your history.

This will keep the show from appearing in your search results, but it doesn't take effect immediately. It can take up to 24 hours to scrub from your profile across all devices.

Whether you're trying to cover your tracks after a little bit of Netflix cheating, or just get the site to stop showing you recommendations based on that one time your roommate's boyfriend went through an anime phase, go ahead and hit that delete button.

[h/t LifeHacker]