Can You Solve These 11 Optical Illusions? /

Looking for a way to give your brain a jumpstart? Try tackling the 11 perplexing optical illusions in this interactive game from the vision care experts at Lenstore.

What's great about this setup is that when you're ready to see the answer, you can watch as the colors, shapes, and patterns are manipulated to show you how each illusion is made. You'll probably want to replay some of these mind-benders a few times, too.

Since color is a big factor in some optical illusions, color blindness will affect how deft a person is at solving them. That means women, on average, might be better at seeing through these illusions than men, since men have a color blindness rate of 8 percent (compared to 3 percent for women).

Make your way down the path of trickery below.

In Perspective by Lenstore