6 Smart People Debunk Myths About the Poor

YouTube / vlogbrothers
YouTube / vlogbrothers / YouTube / vlogbrothers

Last week I wrote about a big myth: that foreign aid is a big waste. Since then, a bunch of people have posted smart videos busting myths about similar topics. Here's a roundup!

1. John Green - Are Poor Countries Doomed?

John Green, host of the mental_floss YouTube channel and longtime contributor to our fine publication, breaks it down. Witness:

2. Bill Nye - How Much Do We Spend on Foreign Aid, and What Does it Do?

Bill Nye: "We have a real opportunity to leave the world better than we found it." Then out comes the drafting table, to visualize what causes the majority of deaths around the world (spoiler—it's not war). Watch:

3. Hans Rosling - Will Saving Poor Children Lead to Overpopulation?

Statistician Hans Rosling uses data to explain why saving poor kids does not lead to overpopulation. You can read more about this, with even more data.

4. The MythBusters - Locked in a Myth Lab

This one is mostly just for fun—with special MythBusters guest stars, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. To quote Savage, "People believe the craziest stuff."

For more on that mosquito-blasting laser, watch this demo. Fighting malaria with lasers!

5. Jimmy Fallon & Bill Gates - Viral Video

Bill Gates attempts to make a viral video with Jimmy Fallon.

And he's got a bone to pick with The Tonight Show.

6. Melinda Gates - Save the Planet or Save the People?

Here's a convincing argument about why saving lives is not going to ruin the planet. (There's more on that here.)