10 Times Seth Meyers Cracked Up At His Own Jokes

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Seth Meyers is about to leave the iconic SNL Weekend Update desk, which means he'll soon be cracking up at his own jokes on his very own late night talk show.

1. "Eeyore of Congress"

“Speaker of the House John Boehner criticized President Obama’s attempt to repair the Affordable Care Act, saying, ‘There is no way to fix this.’ And statements like that are just one of the reasons Boehner is known as the Eeyore of Congress.” (at 0:14)

2. Sex Toy Christmas Tree

“Officials in Milan, Italy have ordered a business owner to remove all the decorations from a public Christmas tree that consisted entirely of sex toys. And we can’t show it to you here, but you can probably just imagine what their menorah looked like...Like that. Yeah, it looked like that. If you have terrible imaginations.” (at 0:00)

3. Num-Nuts

“New Jersey governor Chris Christie is being criticized for calling one of his critics ‘num-nuts’ for equating gay marriage with the Civil Rights Movement. You know, the great thing about Chris Christie is you never forget what state he’s governor of.” (at 0:35)

4. On the Bieber Mugshot

“Well this certainly looks like the face of a guy who has learned his lesson.” (at 0:14)

5. Owl Impersonator

“Police in Massachusetts arrested a man for drunk driving after he crashed his car, fled from officers on foot, climbed a tree, then told police that he’s not the person they’re looking for because he’s an owl. Said the man, ‘Wait! I mean 'Hoo, hoo!’” (at 5:50)

6. Doggie Cam

“A New York man who was arrested for secretly recording himself having sex with three women claims that the encounters were accidentally recorded by his doggie cam. Even more shocking, this is his doggie cam.” (at 6:23)

7. Kimye

“Kanye West this week asked Kim Kardashian for her brand in marriage.” (at 0:47)

8. Fancy Word for Obesity 

“According to a new report, the New York borough with the most obese residents is Staten Island. And if you’re watching from Staten Island, obese means fat. It’s a fancy word for fat.” (at 0:41)

9. Dork Dynasty

“A large number of conservatives on Thursday criticized A&E for suspending Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson for his anti-gay comments, including Senator Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Governor Bobby Jindal, or as they’re collectively known: Dork Dynasty." (at 0:23)

10. Charlie Sheen

“Charlie Sheen on Thursday was taken to the hospital suffering from an aggravated hernia. He reportedly spent more than 24 hours partying with five women and a briefcase full of cocaine. It was a smart move keeping the cocaine in a briefcase because then if anyone saw him, they’d definitely think, ‘There goes Charlie Sheen with some paperwork. That 50-year-old man with sunglasses and cargo shorts must be going to an important meeting.’” (at 0:37)