11 Air Fresheners That Smell Like Food

neatoshop / neatoshop

Bored with the scent of pine? How about giving your car the heavenly aroma of pizza? Air fresheners are available that smell like many of the world’s most beloved entrees. Fear not, Internet: bacon made the cut!

1. Corn Dogs

“Who’d think that a corn dog, the best food on a stick ever created, makes a pretty swell air freshener too?” asks neatoshop.com.

2. Popcorn


Now you can bring that buttery cinematic scent to the family vehicle!

3. Sushi


Like Japanese food? This one’s for you.

4. Bacon


Buyer beware: these ornaments might smell like the real deal, but nibbling on them is not recommended.

5. Cherry Pie


It’s a pity this one isn’t shaped like the actual Pi symbol, though it’s still quite exquisite.

6. Dole Whip


Created specifically for Disney’s theme parks, this air freshener is designed to evoke memories of pineapple ice cream and warm summer days.

7. Macaroni & Cheese

Perpetual Kid

Here’s one for the Kraft-y consumer. (See what I did there?)

8. Cupcakes


The goofy expression on this whimsical dessert-themed knick knack makes it all the more endearing.

9. Pickles


It’s based on jarred dill pickles and bills itself as the “perfect gift for every occasion.”

10. Turkey Legs


Rest assured, turkey doesn’t actually contain enough tryptophan to put one to sleep, so you can feel free to drape this over the rearview mirror without getting drowsy from the inhalation.

11. Toast


Miniature toaster included.