10 Ways Sochi Is Not Ready

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The 2014 Winter Olympics start in two days. So soon, right?! Well, from the looks of it, the people responsible for getting the media accommodations ready feel the same way. As journalists from around the world descended on Russia this past week, they found hotels that were still very much under construction. And, as one might expect in this modern age of media, they took to Twitter to point out the resulting "quirks."

1. Toilets Cannot Handle Toilet Paper

2. The Water May Be Unsafe

3. Open Manholes

4. Hotel Employees Entering Guests' Rooms

Some journalists are returning to their rooms to find the doors conspicuously open. Nothing has been stolen, but this seems like the sort of thing that should be dealt with before guests arrive.

5. Lightbulbs Are Scarce 

Reports of rooms missing light bulbs are met with one journalist offering up some of his supply ... in exchange for other necessities.

6. and 7. Water Main Breaks and Power Outages

8. Room Reservations Missing

Many media folk are arriving in Russia only to find that there isn't a room waiting for them, or if there is, it may have been double-booked and someone else has already claimed it.

9. No Hot Water

10. General Dilapidation

Hopefully, when the games begin on Friday, the trip will be made more than worthwhile, even if every modern luxury doesn't get worked out in time.