Planters Is Selling Cheez Balls for the First Time in Over a Decade

Kraft, Planters
Kraft, Planters / Kraft, Planters

Planters Cheez Balls weren't just a figment of your childhood imagination—the very real snack was popular in the 1990s, but they've been missing from grocery store shelves ever since Planters stop producing them in 2006. Now, People reports that the neon-orange snack food is making making a comeback. Starting July 1, new cans of Planters Cheez Balls will be available to purchase for the first time in nearly 12 years.

While there are plenty of cheese ball brands on the market today, the Planters variety still maintains a cult-like following years after it was discontinued. A petition on to "bring back Planters Cheez Balls" has 819 supporters. A Facebook group with over 2200 likes makes a similar plea (with a lot more exclamation points).

Planters has heard the outcry, and is rolling out a new generation of Cheez Balls through and Amazon for $2 a can, with plans to bring them to physical stores in the coming months. The cans still have the classic design fans are familiar with, the biggest difference being the "It's Back" sticker beside the logo. Planters Cheez Curls, the longer, skinner version of Cheez Balls, are also returning as part of the revival.

Planters says both the Balls and Curls are only back for a limited time, so stock up on the cans of cheese-dusted nostalgia while you can.

[h/t People]