New 'Lite' Version of Instagram Requires Less Data and Storage Space

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Instagram, one of the top apps used around the world, just got even more accessible. As Entrepreneur India reports, the photo-sharing platform has rolled out Instagram Lite for Android users in developing markets.

The new streamlined version of Instagram retains most of the core features of the original app. Users are able to edit and post images to their feed, share temporary photos with text to their Story, watch their followers' Stories, and discover new content through the Explore tab.

But unlike the old app, the new version requires a lot less space to bring those services to users. Instagram Lite needs just 573 kilobytes of internal storage, compared to the 32 megabytes eaten up by regular Instagram. It also takes up less data as it's being used, making it a better fit for regions with slower-than-average internet speeds. And it's accessible to people who can't afford to upgrade their older phones: As long as the operating system is Android 5.0 or higher, Instagram Lite can run on it.

Instagram Lite is especially designed for users in developing parts of the world, but it's available in the Google Play store for anyone who wants something that's a little easier on their phone. In exchange for less data usage you'll be giving up the ability to send private messages and videos, but Instagram is working on including those features in future updates.

Instagram isn't the only company turning its attention toward emerging markets. With millions of people in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East purchasing their first smartphones, tech companies are tailoring not only apps, but whole devices to fit their lifestyles.

[h/t Entrepreneur India]