You Can Own an Official Replica of the Jurassic Park Shaving Cream Can

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures / Universal Pictures

Jurassic Park (1993) is known for having some incredible props. The fake shaving cream can Dennis Nedry uses to smuggle dinosaur DNA out of the cold storage unit may not be as iconic as the life-sized T. rex, but it still plays a colossal role in the film. Now, io9 reports that an official replica of the prop can soon be yours.

The prop recreators at Chronicle Collectibles have collaborated with Universal Studios to make the canisters as faithful to the original as possible. Just like the prop used in the film, the vessel resembles an unassuming can of shaving cream from the outside. But screw off the bottom and you'll find a secret compartment filled with vials the perfect size for storing prehistoric genetic material.

Chronicle Collectibles

The final product will be an even more accurate representation of the screen version than the images above, with a less stretched-out label and a skinnier can like those Barbasol was selling in the early 1990s. In the movie, the gadget dispenses actual shaving cream and has a cold interior to mimic the cryo chamber at Jurassic Park. This prop lacks both features, which will probably make it easier for collectors to maintain.

The replica prop will available to preorder from Chronicle Collectibles later this summer and will reportedly cost around $200. It doesn't contain any real dinosaur embryos, which, as anyone who's seen Jurassic Park knows, is probably for the best.

[h/t io9]