Canada Is Building the World's Fastest, Tallest, and Longest Dive Roller Coaster

Canada's Wonderland
Canada's Wonderland / Canada's Wonderland

If regular roller coasters aren't thrilling enough for you, perhaps you'll be excited by the Yukon Striker coming to Canada's Wonderland theme park in 2019. According to CNN Travel, the ride will feature a straight, vertical drop, and it will move riders higher, faster, and farther than any coaster of its kind.

Dive coasters are known for their 90° drops, which plunge riders into a temporary free-fall. Like an inverted roller coaster, the seats on Yukon Gold will be floorless—the major difference being that cars will move above the track rather than beneath it. When riders reach the top of the hill, they'll be suspended for a heart-stopping three seconds before making their descent.

Yukon Gold will best the dive coasters that came before it in nearly every category. It's set to be the fastest dive coaster ever, reaching maximum speeds of 80 mph, the tallest (with a peak of 245 feet), and the longest (covering 3625 feet of track). In addition to the stomach-turning drop at the beginning, the ride will feature four inversions (a.k.a twists and loops).

In case you're visiting Canada's Wonderland as a tourist to the Great White North, you'll even get to learn a bit of Canadian history when you ride the Yukon Striker. The ride is inspired by the Klondike Gold Rush, which led to a population boom in the northwestern part of the country at the end of the 19th century.

Riders will get to experience the Yukon Striker when the theme park opens for the 2019 season next April.

[h/t CNN Travel]