15 Delightful and Delicious Muppets Cakes

Cake Central user Pam1976
Cake Central user Pam1976 / Cake Central user Pam1976

Muppets Most Wanted is finally out! That’s something worth celebrating—and any good celebration needs cake. While you might not actually feel like getting up and baking a cake shaped like Kermit and Miss Piggy, you can still sit back and enjoy these fantastic Muppet cakes.

1. The Cupcake Tower

It’s one thing to make a few cupcakes with Muppets. It’s another to make a whole tower of cupcakes with the world’s most famous puppets all over them. And Cupcake Occasions shows just how impressive a tower of Muppet cupcakes can be.

2. The Gang’s All Here

Sugar Lab’s Muppets cake is a truly delightful take on the subject, featuring a few of the most famous characters on the show doing their thing—the band rocking out, the Great Gonzo blasting off, Fozzie telling a presumably terrible joke, and Statler and Waldorf judging the whole fiasco from above.

3. Exploding With Awesome

Here’s another cake featuring the whole cast—and even balloons!—but this time in a drastically different situation. How could anyone not be cheerful after receiving this cake by Cake Central user Pam1976?

4. Down Home In the Swamp

It looks like someone’s ready to make the Rainbow Connection, and this swampy cake by Iced Delights is a perfect way for anyone to celebrate a ninth birthday.

5. A Birthday At Kermie’s

Looking at Muppet cakes on the web, you’ll soon find that Miss Piggy seems to be the most difficult character to accurately portray, but Cake Central user sherryd75 does an amazing job of duplicating her likeness in this adorable cake.

6. Party Like Animal

Similarly, it’s difficult to capture Animal’s delightfully fluffy fur in nothing but frosting, but he looks simply fantastic in this wonderful cake by Cake Central user shelbell2482.

7. Rock Out With Your Muppet Out

There are a lot of Animal cakes out there, which is hardly surprising given that he’s certainly the most hard-rocking of all the Muppets. This delightful cake by Cake Central user kreativekortney not only shows the rocker, but it also depicts his instrument of choice—which also happens to be a major trigger word for him.

8. Meep

Beaker is always running around the lab frantically, but now he has a good reason to be worried—the whole world wants to eat this delicious version of the lab assistant as created by Cake Central user Say It With Cake.

9. Statler and Waldorf

If these guys could talk, they’d say how horrible this cake is. But just like their critique of The Muppet Show, they’d be pretty much dead wrong—because Bakkerbos did a terrifically fantastic job on this sweet treat, even if the subject matter is a little sour.

10. Make Your Own

Baker Lauren Kitchen has a special class to teach aspiring cake makers how to make their own customized cake Muppets. There are many great examples of cakes made in her classes, but this one Cake Central user Crafty Cake Girl made of her daughter is particularly impressive.

11. Toys Galore

What child wouldn’t want to receive a whole toy chest full of Muppet toys on their birthday? Delicious Cake Design’s edible version may not last as long as a real toy chest, but it’s certainly just as sweet.

12. Heads Up

This adorable cake might not be as massive or advanced as many of the others on this list, but the buttercream frosting treat by Cake Central user cvmillers certainly deserves some attention for its clever design.

13. Go Go Gonzo

Similarly, Cake Central user Mary Lou’s Number One Muppet cake might not be a beautiful fondant masterpiece, but for those who appreciate the simple joy of one Weirdo’s love for a chicken, it’s utterly wonderful.

14. Your Love Keeps Lifting Me

One of the most popular sources for Muppet cake inspiration comes from Threadless, where there is a great selection of Muppet tees available for purchase. Lauren Babis’ take on this tee is truly terrific; it turns the whole thing into a seemingly impossible 3D masterpiece that really captures the spirit of the design.

15. Epic Adventure

Similarly, KupKake Tree’s version of this tee design turns a cute concept into a true work of art and confectionary engineering worthy of the name “Epic Adventure.”