Kit Harington Reveals the True Meaning Behind His Game of Thrones Hairstyle


​by Mason Segall

The true journey of HBO's smash hit Game of Thrones hasn't been Arya's transformation into an assertive assassin, Sansa's eventual disillusionment with her previously naive personality, or even Daenerys's transition from literal object to be gifted to a dragon-riding warrior queen, it's been the fluctuating nature of Jon Snow's hair.

In the first season, Jon's hair was shoulder-length and in tight, black locks—a direct reflection of his brother Robb, with whom he shared a mutual respect. While entrenched with the Night's Watch, he let this same style grow longer but not unruly. After ​Jon died and was resurrected, he let his hair grow even longer and kept it in a tight man-bun. In more recent seasons, he cut it back to a shoulder-length mane.

​Kit Hari​ngton, who has played the character since 2011, recently discussed with Refinery 29 how his changing hairstyle has reflected his role in the story at various points. "They wanted me to look more like Ned Stark," he explained. "There’s a real reason behind it, to show how the story was evolving."

Harington also discussed how Jon would spice up his appeal with cologne, specifically the Dolce & Gabbana scent that he recently became the spokesman for: One Grey. "He probably wouldn’t wear any scent,” Harington said. “But if he was going to, you know, I’d have to say he’d wear this one. The name is pretty good for Jon."