Are Harry Potter Fans Cat Lovers or Dog People? A Survey Gets to the Bottom of the Matter


As much as ​some Potterheads may wish they could have some of the animals from Harry Potter, whether it be a half-kneazle or a hippogriff, realistically, most of those creatures have to remain in the world of fantasy.

Recently, custom furniture company Joybird conducted ​a survey to determine if Harry Potter fans have a preference when it comes to our earthly pets: cats or dogs?

For the study, participants were required to take the Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz to determine whether they're Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Slytherin, as well as determine whether they're cat or dog people.

The results showed that although the percentage of cat lovers varies among houses, overall ​Harry Potter fans seem to have a soft spot for dogs. Over half of each Hogwarts house identified themselves as dog people. Gryffindor had the highest percentage of dog lovers at 63 percent, with 36 percent preferring cats, and one percent not liking pets at all (weird).

As for the other houses: Ravenclaw had the highest population of cat lovers with 41 percent; 40 percent of Slytherin preferred cats, and 30 percent of Hufflepuff preferred kittens, specifically.

The Joybird infographic highlights the results by house and even breaks them down into more specific demographics like age and gender. You can view the full results here.