Reviews for the newly released Venom movie are out, and they have been mixed to say the least. Some fans love the fun of it, while others have criticized it for being a "mess.”

However, it would be hard to say the movie did not pay proper homage to the comic books.

Tom Hardy, who plays investigative journalist Eddie Brock in the movie, ​mentioned two weeks ago the importance for the movie to stay true to the Marvel comics.

"The depiction of Venom, I think, has been extremely faithful to the comics," he said. "If we look at some of the images directly from comic book, they haven't deviated."

One of the links to the comic books appears in the first few minutes of the movie. The film sees a Life Foundation space shuttle in dismay while making its descent back to Earth. As it returns to the planet in a wreck, remnants of the space shuttle crash land in Malaysia.

A recovery crew claims the wreckage, with one scientist mentioning the shuttle was piloted by "Jameson," a.k.a. John Jameson, who in the Marvel Comics is a prominent astronaut and son of Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson, who frequently targeted Spider-Man for his overshadowing heroics.

In Venom, Jameson’s body is briefly overtaken by a symbiote who trades his body for that of a new one owned by a member of the recovery crew.

Though it was a brief and easy-to-miss cameo, it is great to see ​Ruben Fleischer and the rest of the filmmakers pay proper homage to an underrated character in the comics.