Uber Is Offering Voters Free Rides to the Polls on Election Day

iStock.com/YinYang / iStock.com/YinYang

Thanks to Uber, you have one less excuse for not voting this Election Day. On November 6, the ride-hailing service will waive the fare on trips made to your polling place, Thrillist reports.

Transportation problems ranks among the top 10 reasons registered voters gave for not voting in 2016. This year, whether you don't have a car of your own or just don't feel like spending the gas money, Uber will bring you where you need to go to cast your vote.

Uber will also do the work of looking up your polling location for you. When you open the app on Tuesday, November 6, you will automatically be shown a "Get to the Polls" button. From there, you can find your polling place based on your home address and book a free ride there.

Uber is also teaming up with the nonprofits #VoteTogether and Democracy Works in the weeks leading up to Election Day to encourage as many people to vote as possible. At the beginning of October, Uber began rolling out tools within the app to guide users through the voter registration process before their state's deadline. The company is also sharing information on how to register to vote with drivers and delivery partners as well as hosting registration drives at dozens of its employee resource centers.

If you aren't sure how to vote in your state, you can kick off the process by watching our video on the subject.

[h/t Thrillist]