Grumpy Cat Came to mental_floss Today!

Erin McCarthy
Erin McCarthy / Erin McCarthy

Happy Birthday, Grumpy Cat! The world's crankiest feline turns 2 today, and she came to the mental_floss offices to talk about her upcoming birthday party, which Friskies Party Mix is throwing for its official spokescat at the end of the month. We were pretty excited to see Grumpy, but she pretty much just wanted to leave:

This, obviously, is Grumpy's attitude about everything—including her party. (Based on this video, it doesn't seem like Grumpy wants to help plan at all.)

Friskies Party Mix is celebrating Grumpy's birthday in other ways, too: "Fans can participate—they can take pictures of their cats and their best Grumpy frown face on Instagram, using the hashtag #1MMGrumpyFrowns and enter for a chance to win a trip to the party with a guest," says Tabatha Bundesen, Grumpy's owner. (They can also submit photos here.) The company has also released limited edition packaging featuring its official spokescat.

Beyond the party, there's plenty coming up for Grumpy, according to her manager, Ben Lashes. "I think Grumpy is the biggest meme of all time," he says. "In a couple of weeks we're going to the MTV movie awards, and then we're back here for the party, and in May we're announcing a second book. And then there are things beyond that we can't even talk about, but there are a lot of cool things happening throughout the year."

At the end of her visit with us, Grumpy was tolerant enough to pose for photos with staffers. Here's how that went: