Doctor Who Showrunner Wants J.K. Rowling to Write an Episode

Sophie Mutevelian, BBC America
Sophie Mutevelian, BBC America / Sophie Mutevelian, BBC America

The eleventh season of the rebooted ​Doctor Who debuted in 2018 to the highest ratings the series has ever seen for a premiere episode. This was due in no small part to Jodie Whittaker's role as the Thirteenth Doctor, and the first woman to ever play the titular part in the iconic sci-fi series' 55-year history.

However, showrunner Chris Chibnall—who previously worked with Whittaker on three seasons of the critically acclaimed crime drama Broadchurch—believes there's a move he can make that could boost the show's popularity even more. Namely, by combining two of England's most popular cultural exports and bringing in ​Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to pen an episode.

At 2018's New York Comic Con, Chibnall even revealed that Rowling had discussed being involved with Doctor Who back when David Tennant was starring in the series, but the collaboration never came to fruition.

"If JK Rowling wants to have anything to do with Doctor Who please give her my phone number," Chibnall told the Radio Times. "I think she is one of our greatest living writers. I think ​Harry Potter is an absolute transcendent piece of work and continues to be with the theater play and with Fantastic Beasts ... if she ever even wants to see what we do on Doctor Who, you tell her from me, the doors are open."

If Rowling did ever write for the series, she'd be joining a pretty distinguished list that includes the likes of fantasy author Neil Gaiman and the late science fiction legend Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.