A New App Will Plan Your Next Vacation Based on an Instagram Photo

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Scrolling through Instagram is a great way to spark your wanderlust. It’s almost impossible to look at other people’s picturesque vacation photos and not imagine yourself in their world-traveling shoes. Knowing that plenty of travelers turn to social media feeds and influencers for trip inspiration, easyJet is cutting out the middleman. According to Thrillist, the company will help you plan a trip based on an Instagram photo.

The easyJet app’s "Look&Book" feature lets you search for flights based on a photo. You just need to upload a picture from your phone, and the app will analyze the photo and figure out where you should go using artificial intelligence and geotags.

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Say, for instance, you see a beautiful shot someone in your feed just posted from Prague. Take a screenshot of the Instagram and upload it to the easyJet app. It will try to figure out where that photo was taken, then suggest the nearest airport to which the carrier can take you.

While screenshots from Instagram work best, according to the company, you can also upload any other photo on your phone. The tech isn’t perfect, especially if the photo doesn’t include a recognizable landmark. And it’s limited to destinations in easyJet’s network, which is largely European, with a sprinkling of North African and Middle Eastern destinations. But if it’s a screenshot of an Instagram that has a geotag, that app is able to pinpoint the location fairly accurately.

Very few travel booking websites are as fun to scroll through as Instagram, so this way, you can enjoy the experience of exploring social media and let easyJet do the work of tracking down the logistics.

See how it works in the video below.

[h/t Thrillist]