These Adorably Confused Kids Have No Idea What A Walkman Is

YouTube / YouTube

Hand any of these kids an iPod, and they'll know exactly what to do with it. Hand them a Walkman, however, and they won't even know what it is ... or what it does ... or how to use it—as you can see in this new video from the Fine Bros.

"Oh, a phone! ... Wait, what is this thing?" one little girl says. Other kids suggest that the Walkman is a walkie talkie, a dictation device, or a boombox. They have no idea what a cassette tape is, or how to open the Walkman to insert it, or which way to insert it. The verdict? "It's too complicated," says one little boy.

It's all very cute—and makes those of us who grew up with Walkmans feel pretty old! The Walkman was invented in the late '70s for the head of Sony, who wanted to listen to music on his many business trips. It was the very first personal listening device, and it's pretty safe to say that without the Walkman, there would be no iPod.

Just for fun, here's a commercial for my first Walkman:

Specially made for kids, it was cherry red and had a crossbody strap so I could take it everywhere. And when you pressed play, a window in the back allowed you to see the gadget's parts as they played your tape. It. Was. Awesome. I still have it—and it still works. Now, if I could only find my New Kids on the Block cassette tape...