6 Unexpected Things Worth Buying on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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In the days leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s hard to avoid advertisements for deals on big-ticket items like electronics and appliances. But fancy gadgets are not the only great deals you can find on the biggest shopping holidays of the year. Everything from everyday essentials to travel packages can be bought on sale if you know where to look. If you were planning on making any of these purchases in the near future, wait until the days after Thanksgiving, when prices are low.


If you normally reach for the less expensive items in the beauty aisle, this is the time to treat yourself. Many high-end cosmetics brands slash the prices of their makeup both in stores and online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While some stores limit their deals to one or two products, like a lipstick brand or contour kit, others apply a flat discount to their entire inventory.


Make an investment in your education this holiday season. Around this time of year, some online learning platforms entice new students by offering lifetime access to classes at a fraction of the regular price. Look up the educational websites you’re interested in and see if you can learn about your favorite subject—whether it's music theory or web development—for as little as $10 a course.


Balance out that new tablet or television you buy this Black Friday by going back to the basics. Some of the biggest book retailers online offer generous discounts on book orders, no matter the titles, for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And if you prefer to consume your literature digitally, deals can be found for ebooks and audiobooks as well.


Your refrigerator may be packed with leftovers the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this is a great time to head to the grocery store. Some supermarkets offer steep discounts on certain food items that go beyond typical coupon deals. And if you plan on taking a break from cooking, you can always freeze what you buy now and take it out in time for your next holiday feast—or donate some holiday meals to a local food bank.


Don’t forget about Fido when scoping out Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. These days are just as important to major pet supplies chains as they are to tech retailers, with some pet stores cutting the prices of select items in half. If you want to reward your good boy or girl with toys, treats, winter apparel, or other goodies this holiday season, check out your local pet supplies outlet to see the sales they’re having.


One of the most overlooked categories for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals is travel. Multiple industries, including airlines, hotels, and tour companies, participate by offering special deals on these days. Just make sure you read the fine print before committing to a vacation, as some discounts are contingent on the dates you book.

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