Dogs, New Netflix Docuseries, Celebrates the Connection Between Canines and Their Humans

Netflix / Netflix

Bring on the waterworks.

Probably the only thing that can make us cry at any time of the day are our pets, as our furry friends are just so perfect and wonderful that we can't help but get emotional when we're around them. So when Netflix announced they'd be releasing Dogs, a docuseries on the life of dogs and their owners, we knew we'd be needing a box of tissues.

The new series will explore six stories of humans and their dogs as they go through the journey of life together. As you can only imagine, it will involve a lot of laughs, a lot of tears, more than one belly rub, and some truly amazing moments.

Netflix describes the series as “an elegant, engaging, and cinematic vérité documentary series celebrating the deep emotional bonds between people and their beloved four-legged best friends," according to Vanity Fair.

Directors on the series are seriously impressive, including Academy Award winners and nominees such as Heidi Ewing (Jesus Camp), Amy Berg (Deliver Us from Evil), Richard Hankin (The Jinx), Roger Ross Williams (Life Animated), and T.J. Martin and Daniel Lindsay (Undefeated).

Dogs premieres on November 16, so you still have just enough time to plan a get-together with your friends and furry companions for an emotional roller coaster of a night.