10 Real Intersections With Unforgettable Names

spnw85 / spnw85

If you lived in any of these places, no one would ever forget your address. You’d always be able to find someone to point you the right way home. But there’s an ever-present danger of your street signs being stolen.

1. Somewhere Drive and Where Else Lane

Image from Google Street View.

There seems to be a house for sale at the intersection of Where Else Lane and Somewhere Drive in Milwaukie, Oregon. But the Google Street View images were taken a few years ago, so that wonderful address has probably been snapped up by now. Where do you live? "Somewhere and Where Else." 

2. This Way and That Way

Photograph from imgur.

A confusing intersection in Lake Jackson, Texas, gives you the option of going This Way or That Way. Either way, you’ll get somewhere! The first time I saw a reference to Lake Jackson was in a newspaper clipping.

A little digging took me to a 2013 revitalization project that confirmed the names of the streets.

3. Klingon and Romulan

Photograph from Google Street View.

The intersection of Klingon Court and Romulan Court in Sacramento, California, may draw Star Trek fans for pictures, but the people who live there are not necessarily fans, and at least one wasn’t even aware of the name origins until a TV station told him.

4. Highway 28 and Warp Drive

Photograph by spnw85.

Of course, you want to get off the highway at Warp Drive Exit. The ramp takes you to Orbital Sciences Corporation, which got the right to name the road and the exit in Dulles, Virginia.

5. Warp Drive and Picard

Image from Google Maps.

A neighborhood in Turlock, California, has Picard Lane turning into Warp Drive. Make it so! Nearby streets include Crusher Avenue, Ryker Court, and Federation Court.

6. Hooker and Pleasure

The intersection of Hooker and Pleasure, that is, Hooker Avenue and Pleasure Drive can be seen in Madison, Wisconsin. The signs don’t reflect that, because the cross street is actually MacPherson Street. The intersection is where Hooker Avenue turns into Pleasure Drive. Read into that what you will.

7. Crooked and Strait

This is the spot where Strait Lane meets Crooked Lane in Dallas, Texas. No doubt the Strait Lane is in honor of George Strait, but how neat would it be to describe your location as the intersection of Strait and Crooked?

8. Mulder and Scully

The intersection of Mulder Avenue and Scully Way is in a subdivision in Orléans, a suburb of Ottawa, Ontario. Since those are the only two streets in a subsection, you have to think the names were intentional. You also have to wonder how many residents are X-files fans.

9. Bonnie and Clyde

Image from Google Maps.

Another intersection in Ottawa is Bonnie Crescent and Clyde Avenue. Sadly, there were no street signs at the intersection when Google Street View came through. They are probably stolen quite often.

10. Clark and Kent

This intersection where Clark Street meets Kent Street in Buffalo, New York, is called Superman Corner. Alas, there is no phone booth on the corner. There is also a house for sale on Clark Street in Kent City, Michigan. 

There are plenty of other funny intersections on the internet, although you have to take them with a grain of salt, since Photoshoppery is rampant. Google Maps will let you know if a place really exists.