With These Toeless Socks, Any Season Can Be Flip-Flop Season

OffTheHookByChrissy, Etsy
OffTheHookByChrissy, Etsy / OffTheHookByChrissy, Etsy

Attention flip-flop fanatics: Cold weather is no longer valid excuses to retire your preferred footwear for the season. As Country Living reports, flip-flop-friendly socks are all the rage with people hoping to put off wearing their winter boots as long as possible.

Flip-flip socks are essentially fingerless gloves designed for your feet. The socks are usually knit from wool, making them a toasty option for cool, late-autumn days. But unlike regular socks, the fabric stops before the toes, allowing the wearer to slip their feet into their favorite pair of flip-flops while staying warm at the same time. Some also have holes at the heels for maximum breathability.

KnitKnotSpace, Etsy

It's unclear how much toeless socks will actually do to keep your feet warm outdoors, but if you've already committed to wearing flip-flops beyond the summer months, they may be an appealing option. The accessories are also sold under names like pedicure socks and yoga socks, so you don't necessarily need to break your beachwear out of storage to get in on the trend.

If you're looking to keep your feet (or at least parts of them) snug this winter, hand-knit flip-flop socks are easy to find on Etsy. Or, if full coverage is more your style, here are some other unusual sock designs to explore.

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