The Simple iPhone Cursor Hack That Will Make Texting Easier /

Your iPhone is a handy little computer, but there’s one feature that has always been annoying. Unlike with a computer and a mouse, you can’t just click around the screen to move your cursor. Or at least, we didn’t think you could.

That’s why this tweet from Atlanta-based food blogger Krissy Brierre-Davis of Krissy’s Kitchen blew our mind. It’s one of those iPhone hacks that is useful, but not at all intuitive. Rather than pausing your typing to hold your finger down on your text and then moving your cursor within that disorienting magnifying glass that pops up, you just have to hold down your space bar.

Press your finger to the space bar as you type, and the letters on your keyboard will disappear. You can now move your finger back and forth horizontally, and your cursor will move across the text. You don't need to put your finger on the text at all—you can do it all from the space bar.

Now, you have no excuse not to fix your autocorrect typos before you hit send.

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[h/t Krissy Brierre-Davis]