11 Incredible Bike Mods

SmittyRegula.com / SmittyRegula.com

Cyclists love their bikes—and many of them are all too happy to cut them up to create something new and awesome.

1. The Tallest Bike On Earth

Tall bikes are a fringe trend, but one DIYer took his tall bike to the extreme: The current Guinness Record holder for tallest rideable bicycle is Terry Goertzen of Canada, whose bike stands an impressive 18 feet and 2.5 inches.

Goertzen might not have that record long, though: Los Angeles resident Richie Trimble recently constructed a new version of his Stoopid Tall bike that measures a full two feet taller, sitting over 20 feet above the ground.

2. The Rail Bike

The golden age of railways is long gone, but some abandoned railroad tracks are having a second life as pedestrian and bike paths. Bike Hacks reader Will built a bike specially designed for use on the railroad. His first prototype derailed and crashed when he hit about 16 miles per hour, but his newer design is much safer (although it still experiences problems at rail switches).

3. The Jet Powered Bike

Here’s another fun ride you’re probably better off leaving to the professionals. Robert Maddox designed this bad boy to accelerate with the help of a pulsejet, which allows the bike to go more than 70 miles per hour.

4. The Sea Nymph

Flickr user Megulon5; cc

Flickr user Megulon5 participated in Aquachopper Expidition 2011, which involved creating bikes that could be used on water or land. The Sea Nymph, created by Jay and Jessica of San Francisco, has unique canoe-cycle style and steers the same on both land and water.

5. The Snowplow

This pedal-powered snowplow by Firefly Workshops makes cleaning up after light storms quite fun (though its creator does note that it’s totally useless after heavy snowfalls).

6. The Lawnmower

Flickr user Fahrrad Rasenmäher; cc

This cool tool allows its user to trim their lawn while enjoying a leisurely bike ride in the backyard.

7. The Galloping Horse Bike

If you’re looking for a bike mod that’s more about fun than function, you’ll appreciate this piece by Smitty Regula, which incorporates two plastic horses that appear to gallop on each side of the bike as the wheels turn.

8. The Nimbus 2000

Until we have some sort of new, crazy aerial technology, you won't be able to fly on a Nimbus like Harry Potter—so this broom-based bike, which allows the rider to lean forward and steer with the broom handle, is the next best thing. The creator, Ben, was a Maker Faire attendee, while the photo was taken by Will O'Brien of Engadget.

9. Office Chair Bike

When it comes to comfort, it’s pretty hard to beat this office chair recumbent bike by Instructables user Woodenbikes. It features a 35-pound office chair and was built in celebration of Bike to Work Day.

10. Sidecar

If motorcycles can have sidecars, why can’t bicycles? This Instructable by stevebod can show you how to make your own, complete with a safety harness and guard.

11. Windshield

Though bike riders face bugs and bad weather just like motorcyclists, you rarely see a windshield on a bike. Bike Hacks reader George from New Hampshire constructed a custom windscreen that uses a wire basket as the base and a removable wire frame and plastic cardboard cover to provide protection from the wind. The Plexiglas window at the front can be shifted up or down based on the rider’s needs. In all, George says his design is quite effective at protecting his hands and face from the cold.