We're Looking for a Few Good Interns!


We could use some extra hands around here this summer. Writer hands, specifically.

The Particulars

You'll be writing, researching, and fact-checking for mentalfloss.com and our YouTube channel. We may send you weird places and ask you to write about them, too. The internship starts in June and will continue through August. Ideally, you’d be available 12-15 hours a week, and most of our past interns have worked remotely. The internship pays $10/hour, with bonuses based on the performance of your stories.

How to Apply

Send an email to Erin with the subject line "Mental Floss Summer 2014 Internship" before 11:59pm Eastern Time tomorrow, May 15, 2014.

In your email, include the following:

1. In one paragraph, tell us about yourself.

2. In another paragraph, tell us why you’d make a great mental_floss intern.

3. In a third paragraph, tell us when you could start and when you'd be able to work this summer. (Note: If you have a day job but think you could work nights, that's not a dealbreaker.)

4. This is the most important part: Come up with one great story idea for mentalfloss.com, with a brief summary that sells the idea.

5. Attach your resume and up to three links to awesome things you've written.

Aren't Interested in Being an Intern?

There's still hope! Send us a pitch for one story with three links to examples of other things you've written that you're proud of. Perhaps you'll land a spot in the freelance army.