HBO Is Poking Fun at Henry Cavill's Justice League 'Mustache'

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. / Warner Bros.

Many viewers watching the DCEU’s flop Justice League were grateful to have Henry Cavill for a little comedic relief. No, not because Superman suddenly developed an amazing sense of humor, but rather because of a bad bit of CGI.

At the time Cavill was filming reshoots for Justice League, he was also shooting Mission: Impossible - Fallout, a role that contractually required him to have a mustache. The superhero film did what they had to do, and spent millions of dollars attempting to "remove" the mustache in the editing room. Ultimately, it looked terrible, and audiences didn’t hold back their laughter while watching.

Thankfully, Cavill himself has been able to poke a little fun at the situation along with critics and fans alike, even posting a dramatic video earlier this year when he was finally able to shave the 'stache.

And now, as HBO is streaming Justice League, HBO Asia's Instagram is joining in the fun by taking some serious shots at the unfortunate CGI.

The post is a series of photos following Superman’s death in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, along with text at the bottom. Amy Adams (Lois Lane) asks Cavill (Clark Kent) how it felt to come back, to which he hilariously replies, “Itchy.” The next shot shows Cavill with a super large smile—bad CGI included.

It’s obvious no one will forget this fail, but at least we can all laugh about it.