Dustin From Stranger Things Just Made a DC Comics Cameo

Netflix / Netflix

Although fans of Stranger Things just got the good news that the hit Netflix series will return for its third season on July 4, that still leaves six months of waiting. Fortunately, a fun crossover has occurred in the form of a new comic book, which is helping to fill the void—if only for a moment.

According to ComicBook.com, DC Comics' Old Lady Harley series by Frank Tieri has added a few pop culture references into this week’s issue, including guest appearances from Dustin from Stranger Things and Rick and Morty from Rick and Morty. Although none of the characters are called by their names, it’s fairly obvious who they are.

For one, Dustin’s only label is “That kid from that one show,” and is very clearly Gaten Matarazzo’s teenage character. Even if you don’t watch Stranger Things, you’d probably be able to recognize him.

Rick and Morty aren’t as obvious, as they’re drawn differently than the animation in the Adult Swim series. But nevertheless, Rick’s hairstyle—along with his and Morty’s and outfits—are dead giveaways.

Old Lady Harley is illustrated by Inaki Miranda and currently on its third issue.