Kohler's New Smart Toilet Could Change Your Butt's Life

Business Wire
Business Wire

Indoor plumbing is one of the great joys of modern living. For most, it’s enough. For others, having a toilet that can respond to voice commands, heat your rear, and perform other “smart” functions is a new kind of paradise.

Kohler has listened. As The Verge reports, the plumbing fixture company is making a splash at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) by unveiling the Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet, a commode looking to earn a reputation as the iPhone of waste disposal.

The luxury throne comes with ambient lightning and built-in surround sound speakers, both of which can be activated using your voice via the Amazon Alexa interface. Kohler is not quite clear on what kind of ambiance users may prefer for bodily functions, but for some, having a soundtrack to their voids may be preferable to whatever sounds are coming from their bodies.

The toilet also features what Kohler is calling a PureWarmth option, which raises the temperature of the seat for maximum rear end comfort. The company also describes personalized “cleansing and dryer functions,” which likely means a bidet feature.

If this experience isn’t enough, the Numi will act in concert with Kohler’s entire line of voice-activated bathroom fixtures, including a Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror that features a motion-activated nightlight function and a smart tub that will pre-fill itself to a desired depth and temperature.

The smart mirror starts at $1249. The tub is $4849. The toilet, clearly the crown jewel of the collection, will retail for $7000. A release date has yet to be announced.

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Amazon Customers Are Swearing by a $102 Mattress


Before you go out and spend hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars on a new mattress, you may want to turn to Amazon. According to Esquire, one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market isn’t from Tempur-Pedic, Casper, or IKEA. It’s a budget mattress you can buy on Amazon for as little as $102.

Linenspa's 8-inch memory foam and innerspring hybrid mattress has more than 24,000 customer reviews on Amazon, and 72 percent of those buyers gave it five stars. The springs are topped by memory foam and a quilted top layer that make it, according to one customer, a “happy medium of both firm and plush.”


Perhaps because of its cheap price point, many people write that they first purchased it for their children or their guest room, only to find that it far exceeded their comfort expectations. One reviewer who bought it for a guest room wrote that “it is honestly more comfortable than the expensive mattress we bought for our room.” Pretty impressive for a bed that costs less than some sheet sets.

Getting a good night's sleep is vital for your health and happiness, so do yourself a favor and make sure your snooze is as comfortable as possible.

The mattress starts at $102 for a twin and goes up to $200 for a king. Check it out on Amazon.

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Anti-Spam App Unsubscribes You From Mailing Lists—and Can Even Get You Paid for the Bother

He can't believe how uncluttered his email inbox is.
He can't believe how uncluttered his email inbox is.
Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

Keeping newsletters and sale e-blasts from piling up in your inbox can sometimes seem as labor-intensive as weeding a literal garden. And for every mailing list you successfully manage to remove yourself from, there’s another one that you inexplicably end up on.

Fortunately, you can outsource the unsubscribing process to a robot. According to WIRED, the service is available through DoNotPay, an app that helps users dispute parking tickets, claim compensation for airfare, sign up for free trials without using their own credit card information, sue companies in small claims courts, and crawl through a variety of other red tape in the easiest, most automatic way possible.

Instead of figuring out how to unsubscribe to each unwanted email, you just forward the email to spam@donotpay.com, and a bot will do it for you. Unlike similar services, DoNotPay doesn’t require access to your whole email account, and it won’t turn around and sell your data to a third party. What it will do is search to see if there’s a class action settlement against whatever company sent the email—if there is, you can have DoNotPay add your name to it, and you’ll get compensated if you’re eligible.

“When I looked at other spam solutions, either they were selling your data or you still had to give carte blanche access to your email, and it was very expensive,” DoNotPay founder and CEO Joshua Browder told WIRED. “These companies are meant to protect your emails and protect your privacy, and it’s so ironic that they do the exact opposite. So we set out to build a service that doesn’t sell your data and also has this added component of getting compensation by matching you to class action settlements.”

A subscription to DoNotPay costs $3 per month, which includes its entire range of services (in other words, there are plenty of opportunities to earn back more than those few dollars). You can find out more and subscribe here.

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