Krispy Kreme Wants to Save Valentine's Day With Conversation Heart Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme / Krispy Kreme

The Necco company has been defunct since last summer, but former customers are reliving the loss this month as one of the brand's signature candies has failed to show up on shelves for Valentine's Day. This year marks the first time in decades that Sweethearts won't be available around the holiday. But fans of the sentimental treat shouldn't despair: Food & Wine reports that Krispy Kreme has stepped up with its own super-sized version of the classic conversation hearts.

The conversation doughnuts come in the same pastel colors and are printed with the same sentimental sayings as the candies you remember. One box may be filled with terms of endearment like "CRAZY 4 U," "LOVE," and "CALL ME," each in the familiar red lettering.

The similarities between Necco's and Krispy Kreme's creations stop there. Instead of the chalky love-it-or-hate it candy, the messages are printed on frosted doughnuts. They come with one of four fillings: strawberries and kreme, cake batter, chocolate kreme, or raspberry.

The special doughnuts will be available for a limited time from January 30 through Valentine's Day. If a pastry doesn't quite satisfy your craving for conservation hearts this February, don't worry: Spangler Candy, the company that bought Necco last year, promises to revive Sweethearts and other classics like Necco Wafers by next year.

[h/t Food & Wine]