Good News, Homebodies: JOMO Is the New FOMO /

If FOMO, the fear of missing out, has you feeling guilty about spending Friday night watching Netflix, try embracing JOMO instead. According to a recent survey from, 77 percent of Millennials experience the joy of missing out on a regular basis.

While FOMO is the anxiety that comes with imagining your friends having fun without you, JOMO is the relief you feel from canceling or turning down plans. After polling 2205 people in the UK, found that just about a third of respondents experience FOMO once every two weeks. On the flip side, three quarters of Millennials choose alone time over opportunities to socialize twice a week on average.

The increased availability of streaming content may be tempting more people to spend their free time at home, with 78 percent of Millennials blaming digital subscription services for the rise of staying in. Binge-watching is one of the most popular JOMO rituals. According to the survey, 32 percent of Millennials cite spending all day streaming shows and movies as the best part about skipping plans. Other cherished solitary activities include reading, not getting dressed all day, and going to bed early.

Millennials also have practical reasons to avoid going out with friends, like saving money, which 41 percent gave as their main reason for declining social invitations The financial strain that comes from saying "yes" to everything is real; in 2016, a GoBankingRates survey found that 67 percent of millennials have gone out and spent money even when they couldn't afford it.

No matter your reasons for missing out, you're not alone in enjoying your alone time. Here are some ideas for what to watch during your next night in.