Can You Answer These 11 General Knowledge Questions?

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1. The White House’s Press Briefing Room was originally what?

A) A swimming pool
B) A stable
C) A gallery

2. All of these plays were once attributed to Shakespeare. Which is now believed to have been written at least in part by Shakespeare?

A) The Birth of Merlin
B) Pericles, Prince of Tyre
C) Fair Em, The Miller’s Daughter of Manchester

3. Which of these is not a sport played with yaks?

A) Yak polo
B) Yak basketball
C) Yak skiing

4. Which of these isn't a theory for the origin of the word mayonnaise?

A) It’s named for the Duke of Mayenne
B) It’s named after the French victory at Mahon
C) It’s named for the island prison of Mayoneux

5. What country started building the Panama Canal?

A) Fance
B) Panama
C) The United States

6. What event prompted radio baseball announcer Phil Rizzuto to say: “Well, that kind of puts the damper on even a Yankee win.”

A) The outbreak of the Gulf War
B) The resignation of Richard Nixon
C) The death Pope Paul VI

7. Before rubber, what was often used as an eraser?

A) Sponges
B) Bread
C) Rock salt

8. Which U.S. president once filed a UFO report?

A) Jimmy Carter
B) Lyndon B. Johnson
C) Ronald Reagan

9. When people in Victorian Ireland and England couldn’t afford chimney sweeps, they were advised to drop what down their chimney?

A) Mops
B) A live goose
C) 50 pounds of wool

10. NASA funded the development of a 3-D printer that can make what food in space?

A) Popcorn
B) Pizza
C) Salads

11. Which mid-century TV show had a theme park until 2004?

A) Bonanza
B) The Munsters
C) The Twilight Zone

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Answers: 1:A; 2:B; 3:B; 4:C; 5:A; 6:C; 7:B; 8:A; 9:B; 10:B; 11:A