Never Struggle to Hang a Picture Frame Again With This Fork Hack Mitchell Mitchell / Mitchell

Many so-called life hacks are more trouble than they're worth, but there are a rare few that actually deliver on what they promise. The genius trick below is one of the latter. It's perfect for anyone who's ever struggled to hang a picture on a wall, and it doesn't require any fancy skills or tools.

For this hack shared by Michael Hainsworth on Twitter, you'll need to grab a sturdy fork from your silverware drawer. After pushing a nail or tack into the spot where you'll be hanging your frame, stick the fork between the head and the wall so that the handle faces up.

Once that step is complete, hanging your picture is a breeze. Instead of scraping the back of the frame against the wall for several minutes, hoping in vain that the wire will catch against the nail, use the fork handle to guide the wire exactly where it needs to be. When the picture is secure, remove the fork and step back to appreciate your handiwork.

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