Great Ads for Cat Adoption During Adopt-A-Cat Month

ACCT Philly
ACCT Philly / ACCT Philly

June is almost over, but there’s still a week left in Adopt-A-Cat Month from the American Humane Association. The spring crop of kittens are old enough to go to new families and there are plenty of mature cats who need a place to call home. To this end, many animal shelters are going the extra mile to grab your attention and many offer special discounts on pet adoptions. They also come up with clever and enticing ads to pique your interest.

In 2012, the Shelter Pet Project ran an ad campaign that turned cats into little comedians. Their thoughts may be well represented, though, because the things humans do can be inexplicable. The campaign included quite a few funny videos, too.

We just missed this event! Anjellicle Cats Rescue in New York City had a Downton Tabby event at PetCo last week. Each cat had a poster outlining his/her personality and selling points, which you can see in a gallery at Gothamist.

But Anjellicle Cats Rescue also has a campaign in which they latch onto World Cup fever by featuring cats rooting for different countries. It’s called FIFA Cats! Shown here is today’s entry. Also see cats for the USA, Germany, France, and more.

The Seattle Animal Shelter is offering adult cats for a low $5 adoption fee. The fee covers spay or neutering, vaccinations, Fe-Leuk testing, microchip implant, and two cans of cat food. What a bargain! The $5 offer also goes for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, birds, turtles, and snakes through June 29th. The poster here is from last year’s June adoption event.

The Boone Area Humane Society in Boone, Iowa, has a great ad and a great deal on cat adoption through the end of this month.

Some even reference particular models, and don’t forget to ask for the catfax!

Graphic artist Alix Sobler created this ad for The Winnipeg Humane Society campaign a few years back. The sentiment is still the same- adopting a cat is the best ten pounds you’ll ever gain.

ACCT (Animal Care and Control Team) Philly in Philadelphia is offering cats with special discounts, and cats over five years old can be adopted at no charge during June. They also have special promotions that change every week. The whole point is to find homes for the many cats who need them.

The Animal Humane Society of Minnesota had some clever bus ads a few years ago, reminding us of one huge benefit of owning a cat.

The Homeless Animal Adoption League in Bloomfield, New Jersey, posts pictures of adoptable pets on their Facebook page, but they also have a habit of dressing them up as image macros that make you just want to hug them all!

Your local shelter may be offering some great deals in June on cats who need loving homes. If you don’t know how to find your local shelter, just enter your zip code into Petfinder.