8 Things That Will Get You Banned From Six Flags

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Planning a visit to Six Flags? Make sure you check this list before you go. Wearing the wrong clothes, having the wrong tattoos, or being the wrong person (sorry, Marilyn Manson) could mean that a brush with a security guard is the closest thing you’ll get to an adrenaline rush.

1. Don’t ask if you can take other people’s children on rides.

A man known as "Flume Dog" was banned from all Six Flags properties eight years ago after he asked at least three mothers at Six Flags Fiesta Texas if he could take their kids on a two-person ride. He also once chained himself to a tree at Six Flags Over Georgia, and was once found in the Chicago park before it opened, having spent the night there. Flume Dog sued to get his ban overturned, but lost the case.

2. Don’t have “offensive” tattoos.

In 2010, a mother of three was told she couldn’t enter Six Flags Over Texas because of the six-shooter tattoos on her chest. Allegedly calling the ink “as offensive as a swastika,” the employee offered to sell Samantha Osborn a t-shirt to cover them up. Osborn declined and was able to enter the park through a different line.

3. Don’t wear “offensive” t-shirts.

A photographer from Pennsylvania was stopped from entering Six Flags due to his t-shirt, which said “I shoot RAW”—a reference to an image format. He was allowed to purchase a replacement shirt (“Very Important Princess”) and enter the park.

4. Don’t be Marilyn Manson.

Though the Ozzfest tour stopped by Six Flags Darien Lake in 2003 (it’s no longer a Six Flags, by the way), headliner Marilyn Manson had to sit out. Of the 30 Ozzfest tour dates that summer, Six Flags was the only one to refuse Manson. "Contractual agreement gives us the right to restrict artists from performing in our concert venue," the park said in a statement. "We decided to pass on the Marilyn Manson performance."

Presumably, Manson’s more mild-mannered alter ego, Brian Warner, is welcome at the parks.

5. Don’t be a member of the band All Time Low.

The pop-punk band All Time Low was banned from Six Flags venues after their fans rushed the stage at a concert at the Texas location in 2010. When a group of teenage girls began fighting over a shirt that one of the band members had removed and thrown into the crowd, police used pepper spray on them. After the band spoke out against the action on Twitter, they were stopped from performing at the next Six Flags stop on their tour.

6. In fact, don’t be a heavy metal band at all.

After a performance by the band Falling in Reverse in 2012, Six Flags Great Adventure decided to ban all “metal-themed” shows. The lead singer of the band threw his microphone stand into the audience, injuring two. “It’s not the kind of entertainment we went to be producing,” a spokesperson for the park said. The singer was later charged with simple assault and aggravated assault.

7. Don’t beat up the characters.

This should really go without saying, but leave the poor employees in those sweltering costumes alone. Not only does messing with them make you a jerk; it will also get you kicked out of the park. Two men were removed from the Chicago-area park in 2010 after attacking Porky Pig to the point where the woman inside of the costume suffered from headaches and soreness.

8. Don’t have an “extreme” hairstyle.

This one goes for employees. In 2006, the ACLU launched an investigation into the parks and their grooming restrictions, which ambiguously bans “any hairstyle that detracts or takes away from Six Flags theming.” After a rash of complaints from employees with dreadlocks, cornrows, and braids, the ACLU decided to look into it. The battle appears to be ongoing.