We're Looking for a Science-Teacher-in-Residence


Are you a science teacher? Do you have a go-to series of experiments you show students to get them excited about science? Are you frustrated when you see science-y viral videos taking off without a proper explanation? Are you looking for something to do on the side this summer?

We should talk!

If you think you'd make the perfect mental_floss science-teacher-in-residence, email jobs@mentalfloss.com with Science Teacher in the subject. Tell us why we should pick you over all these other applicants. If you're currently doing any writing along these lines, include links.

Job Description

We came up with this idea 10 minutes ago, so forgive me for winging it on this part. This is a freelance writer position with our digital team, reporting to the Editor-in-Chief (me!) and Managing Editor (Erin McCarthy).

You can work from home, summer school, your RV, wherever.

The position will run from July 8 to August 8, though if things go well it could turn into a regular freelance gig.

You'll be responsible for writing three stories a week, many of which will be sharing and explaining videos of incredible science experiments. But you can file your stories early some weeks if you've already got vacation plans.

There's a $1,000 stipend. Any writing you do for mental_floss (the site, the magazine, or the YouTube channel) beyond these stories would be paid separately. 

We'll accept applications through Thursday, July 3rd. Can't wait to hear from you! (Turning comments off here so all applications make it to jobs@mentalfloss.com.)