15 Lovely Terrariums That Would Liven Up Any Room

designproject via etsy.com
designproject via etsy.com / designproject via etsy.com

Terrariums are lot like aquariums, but without the fish ... and usually without the water. These little glass homes often house low-maintenance plants like moss and cacti. Here are 15 examples of unusual terrariums that will liven up any room.

1.Recycled Meterbox Terrarium

Check out this up-cycled electric meter cabinet. After a good scrubbing and new paint job, it's ready to house a plant of your choice. It comes with pebbles, charcoal, dirt and moss to get you started.

2. Large Hanging Terrarium

This cool geometric terrarium can be hung up or placed on an end table.

3. Ecosphere Terrarium

Marimo balls are basically fuzzy little spheres of algae. These tiny glass orbs hold three of them, as well as shells, aquarium plants, and a single pearl. The whole product looks very zen.

4. Jumbo Multi-Level Dinosaur and Air Plant Moss Terrarium with Charm

Great for (inner) kids! Let your tiny dinosaur explore its own little glass ball.

5. Endor Forest Terrarium 

Capture some movie magic with this terrarium. It even comes with Ewoks! The plants are included—just not real.

6. Glass Terrarium House

Give your plant a lovely house of its own.

7. Under Lake View Aqua Terrarium

Technically, this is a vivarium because of the betta fish resident—but you don't have to add a fish if you don't want to. The glass enclosure comes with a marimo ball and "sea elements." 

8. Live Dino-terrarium 

This one is a little weird, but good weird, like a dinosaur with a plant growing in its belly. 

9. Moss ring

This ring is seriously cool. Moss is enclosed in glass and great to wear to any earthy occasion. 

10. Moss Ball Terrarium Necklace

Here's some more cool jewelry. A teeny-tiny marimo ball is trapped inside a glass sphere with sand and water. You have your own little ecosystem around your neck! 

11. Unicorn Moss Terrarium

For the lovers of all things kitsch, here is a unicorn in a glass heart. The bottle brings up nostalgic memories of sand art

12. Potion Bottle Marimo Terrarium

A perfect gift for any witches or wizards you may know.

13. Miniature Forest Plant Kit For Terrarium

This bonsai in a box looks just like you captured a piece of a tiny forest. 

14. Cube Terrarium

This slanted cube can sit nicely on your table. 

15. Hanging Terrarium 

These orbs come with their own stands to hang on and big openings for the plants to grow out of.