15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in July

Hannah Keyser
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We kicked off July with a full-site celebration of Canada Day yesterday but there are still plenty of offbeat holidays to enjoy this month.

1. July 3: Compliment-Your-Mirror Day

It might just compliment you right back.

2. July 3: Dog Days of Summer Start

That's right, "dog days" is more than just an evocative, old-timey phrase. The Farmer's Almanac describes it as the period of the summer when Sirius, the Dog Star (hence the name), rises each day around the same time as the sun. Or as we know it now, the really hot stretch of summer running from July 3 to August 11. Interestingly, the start of this steamy stretch for the Northern Hemisphere actually coincides with the day Earth reaches its aphelion, the point in the orbit farthest from the sun.

3. July 6-12: Be Nice to New Jersey Week

A real holiday that was not made up by this sometimes-ashamed New Jerseyan. New Jersey-ite?

4. July 7: Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day

Hannah Keyser

Not an excuse to avoid father-daughter walks the other 364 days of the year. Same goes for Tell the Truth Day, also July 7.

5. July 10: Don't Step on a Bee Day

More good advice for every day.

6. July 12: Night of Nights

On July 12, 1999 the US closed commercial Morse operations, but every year since, on that anniversary, the Maritime Radio Historical Society commemorates maritime radio by bringing stations KPH, KSM and KFS back on the air for one night. Other existing radio stations participate with related content.

7. July 13: Gruntled Workers Day

"Disgruntled" oft-forgotten antonym takes center stage in this celebration of contented employees.

8. July 14: International Town Criers Day

Annually the second Monday in July, this is a chance to honor the lost art of speaking loudly and starting proclamations with "Hear ye, hear ye!"

9. July 18: Mandela Day

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Since 2009, Nelson Mandela's birthday has been celebrated as a chance to honor his life and inspire others to take action to change the world for the better.

10. July 20: National Ice Cream Day

Annually, the third Sunday ("Sundae") of July. I'm sure we don't have to tell you how to celebrate.

11. July 21: National Get Out of the Doghouse Day

It'll probably be too hot to hold grudges anyway.

12. July 24: National Tell an Old Joke Day

My favorite? Two peanuts were crossing the street. One was assaulted.

13. July 26: National Day of the Cowboy

First celebrated in 2005, this is a chance to head to a rodeo, listen to country music, and dust off your cowboy boots.

14. July 27: Walk on Stilts Day

If you can.

15. July 31: National Chili Dog Day

The last Thursday in July is your annual chance to proclaim your love for this truly American delicacy.

For an even more exhaustive list of holidays, historical anniversaries and notable birthdays, check out Chase's Calendar of Events.

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