You've Been Eating Your Pineapple All Wrong

Enes Evren/
Enes Evren/

If you like pineapples, this hack circulating around the web may make you question everything you thought you knew about the fruit. As Insider reports, the video from TikTok user dillonroberts22 shows the so-called correct way to eat a pineapple, and it looks a lot more efficient than the way you're likely familiar with.

Preparing a pineapple is normally a multi-step affair. After slicing off the spiky outer layer, you have to find a way to cut up the fruit that gets rid of that tough inner core. The process requires some careful knife work and often can lead to perfectly edible fruit going in the trash.

The video below shows how easy it is to break down a pineapple into neat, snackable pieces without using a knife. After doing the initial work of cutting out the top of the pineapple, you can pull out long chunks of fruit with your fingers. A pineapple is made from individual berries called fruitlets that meld into one fruit as the plant ripens. Each spiky section on the outside of the pineapple represents one fruitlet, and this video shows that they can easily be pulled apart even after they've fused together.

The pineapple revelation is just the latest example of a mind-blowing food hack that's mystified the internet. From oranges to peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, here are some more foods you may be eating all wrong.

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A New Jersey Pizzeria Is Using Its Delivery Boxes to Help Find Missing Pets

John Howard/iStock via Getty Images
John Howard/iStock via Getty Images

You might overlook dozens of “Lost Dog” posters nailed to telephone posts on a weekly basis, but would you miss one pasted to the top of your pizza box? One New Jersey pizzeria owner thinks not.

John Sanfratello, owner of Angelo’s Pizza in Matawan, New Jersey, is asking people from all over the state to send him their lost pet flyers so that he can tape them to his delivery boxes, CBS News reports. The idea occurred to him after his neighbor’s cat went missing: Though that cat has since been found, Sanfratello started to wonder how he could help reunite other lost pets with their owners. Since the pizza was getting delivered around the city anyway, he thought, why not add a message?

One patron of the pizzeria told CBS News she thinks the practice has “triggered a community effort by everyone” to pay a little extra attention to their fellow residents. And Sanfratello’s sister has also adopted the idea for her own pizza shops in Florida.

Angelo’s Pizza is currently spreading the word about two other missing animals: a cat and a Seeing Eye dog in training named Ondrea, who recently escaped her yard while chasing another animal. The German shepherd puppy has been lost for almost four weeks, and her owners said they’ve done everything they could think of—searching the woods, putting up flyers around town, and posting on Facebook—to no avail.

It’s a new spin on the old practice of printing photos of missing children on milk cartons, Sanfratello said. Though that may have fallen out of fashion in the late 1980s, Sanfratello has high hopes for this new partnership between pizza and pet owners.

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