A Boston Shelter is Looking to Adopt Dog and Cat 'Best Friends' As a Pair

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Some families worry when they introduce a new dog into a home currently being occupied by a cat, or vice versa. One or both can become territorial, jealous, or just plain aloof. But the MSPCA-Angell animal shelter in Boston has the opposite problem: Volunteers are hoping they can find an adoptive family willing to care for an inseparable dog and cat duo.

Leila, a 2-year-old Chihuahua, has lived with a 6-year-old tabby named Kitty since Leila was born. Their household is relocating to a new residence that doesn’t accept pets, so the two were passed on to MSPCA-Angell. According to the adoption center, it was just the second time in four years a dog and cat were brought in together. Sharing the same pet carrier, no less.

The two appear to be dependent on one another, with Kitty getting agitated whenever Leila is removed from his presence and Leila appearing to be calmer with Kitty around. Owing to their bond, the center is unwilling to separate the two and is seeking a household that can accommodate both.

“The only thing they have is each other, and that’s the one thing we can’t take away,” Rob Halpin, MSPCA-Angell’s director of public relations, told Boston.com. “When the shelter team took Leila out for a walk, Kitty sat in his litter box and started meowing loudly because he was really worried about where his friend might be.”

The pair are currently being cared for in a private office area so they can remain together in the shelter. Interested parties can visit the adoption center at 350 South Huntington Avenue in Boston or email adoption@mscpa.org.

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