Stranger Things is Casting Extras to Play ‘1980s-Looking People’ in Atlanta

Netflix / Netflix

It's time to dust off your Members Only jackets and dig out your lucky scrunchie, because Stranger Things is looking to cast some extras for one day of filming in the Atlanta area. According to Backstage, the gigs are open to anyone aged 18 to 70 who is willing and able "to play 1980s-looking people in fictional Hawkins, Indiana."

The third season of the series won't be released until July 4, but it's making headlines again since Netflix dropped the season's first official trailer, which promises a grander, more grotesque, and more in-depth look at Hawkins than any previous season.

While we’re sure the costume department will handle the “1980s-looking” aspect of the casting requirement, getting to Atlanta to fill the slot will be up to you. The listing does not specify the details of the scene(s) you would be in the background of, but does that really matter if you have a shot at spotting Millie Bobby Brown and the rest of the cast?

The gig pays $75 for eight hours worth of work, which isn't much. But for super fans of the nostalgia-loving series, the opportunity to play even a tiny role in one of the most popular Netflix shows out there is priceless. Click here for more information and to apply.